Hearthstone Progress Tracker

A Windows program that helps you to track your progress of your Hearthstone decks. Create a deck and track how often you win or lose your Hearthstone games. Detailed statistic of your progress in Hearthstone. See which class is your best, with which deck do you get the most wins and against which Hearthstone Heroes you lose the most. HS Progress Tracker is a freeware tool, to help you to improve your metagame. Compete and track your progress to become the best player. A must have tool for all professional Hearthstone E-Sport Players.

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  • Easy Interface
  • Low Hardware Requirement
  • Tracks Decks
  • Track Classes
  • Track Enemy’s
  • Manage your decks, name your decks and keep a history of old decks.
  • No additional installations needed

Statistics for your Hearthstone games, made with the support of Gamer-Site.de.

Hearthstone Progress Tracker runs on all Windows systems and doe not need any additional installations.

Technical support and answers to your question via our twitter account:

| Download | Windows| Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 |
| Version 1.0 | Release 16.08.2014 | Programmer: Frank Bechstein |

News: 16-08-2014 First release of the Hearthstone Progress Tracker